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HB - The Battle Of God (Lyrics On Screen Video)

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Band: HB
Song: The Battle Of God
Album: The Battle Of God (2011)
Origin Forssa, Finland
Genres: Christian metal, Symphonic metal, Power Metal, Gothic metal
Years active: 2002 - present
Labels: Bullroser

Johanna Aaltonen - Vocals
Antti Niskala - Piano
Markus Malin - Drums
Tommi Huuskonen - Bass
Bob - Guitar
Sofia - Guitar

Former members
Samuel Mäki-Kerttula - Drums
Tuomas Mäki-Kerttula - Bass
Keijo Kauppinen - Guitar 


Who will take the blame or who will pay the price for
Teaching what is false in the sight of God
You can be a leader, preaching of a heathen
God without the dull of judging us
Don't let the devil rest, do the things you do best
Make sure that God will be glorified
Such things will in you grow, no one can overthrow
Ask that in God you'd be satisfied
The battle of God needs the strongest of hands
The bravest is he who declares where he stands
So come on all ye faithfull, you heroes of God
Die to the world, be alive in Christ
Who will take the blame or take the money raised for
Those who do not have daily bread today
Heaven is for sale in, this life but in the next
Those first will be the last like the Gospels say
You don't bother to resist, temptation, any beast
Mercy will cover all things you've done
Your tree will not carry fruit, it's dying at the root
While there are plenty of things you do
You cannot make it without God
Turn to Him in all your want
He forgives you everything
Gives a brand new beginning

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  1. hey there great work on the lyrics but here are the few corrections that i found!!

    God without the dull side of judging us.

    Those first will be the last like the Gospel say.

    While there are plenty of things to do.