domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Tricia Brock (of Superchick) - You Are My Shepherd (Lyrics On Screen Video HD)

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Artist: Tricia Brock (of Superchick)
Song: You Are My Shepherd
Album: The Road (2011)
Genres: Pop, Worship

There is one thing I desire,
One thing I seek
To hide in You, abide in You
I'm Yours for You to keep

You prepare a table for me
You're my portion and my cup
You are the source of strength
Lord You have filled me up

You are my shepherd in the wilderness
Whom shall I fear?
You are the God who goes before me
My rock and my shield

In troubled times You will provide
And I shall not want
You are, You are my God

Though I walk through the valley of death
I will magnify and glorify
You with every breath

When the wicked stand against me
I will follow as You lead
You are the truth and way
The lamp unto my feet

So I'll be of good courage
For You have overcome
You will not forsake me
So I'll wait upon You Lord

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