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Skillet - Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix) Awake and Remixed EP (VIDEO HD)

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Band: Skillet
Song: Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Metal, Electronica, Remix, Christian Music
Album: Awake and Remixed (2011)
Street Date: March 22, 2011
Record Label: Ataltic Records
Years active: Since 1996
Website: skillet.com

Band Members
John Cooper lead vocals, bass (1996-present)
Korey Cooper keyboard, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, synthesizer (1999-present)
Ben Kasica lead guitar (2001-present)
Jen Ledger drums, backing vocals (2008-present)

Skillet is a Grammy-nominated Christian hard rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996. The band consists of John Cooper (lead vocalist, bassist), his wife Korey Cooper (rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist), Ben Kasica (lead guitarist), and the newest member Jen Ledger (drummer, vocalist). Skillet has released eight albums, two receiving Grammy nominations: Collide and Comatose. Over the past 13 years, Skillet has spanned many different genres, including hard rock, industrial rock, and symphonic rock. As of late 2009 they have sold over a million albums.


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